Extruded Heatsink Products

Here is a list of heatsink products that are suitable for your selection. They are sorted by DegreesC/Watt Natural, Descending.

Click on the heatsink part number for more details and access to the Thermal Calculator. To view the stock code definitions click here.

The High Powered heatsink range uses pressed fin technology to achieve fin ratios and performance way beyond what is achievable from a single piece extrusion. The range is available for either passive and / or forced air heatsink applications.

(not to scale)
Component Part No °C/W
200HP 200HP 0.000.09 200.0 84.0 B
201HP 201HP 0.000.09 200.0 84.0 B
250HP 250HP 0.000.08 250.0 84.0 B
300HP 300HP 0.000.06 300.0 84.0 B
400HP 400HP 0.000.05 400.0 88.0 B
801HP 801HP 0.000.11 160.0 85.0 B
802HP 802HP 0.000.10 160.0 85.0 B
803HP 803HP 0.000.07 240.0 85.0 B
800HP 800HP 0.000.22 80.0 85.0 B